Mail Questions

Various questions we frequently get about sending mail to other members with our dating system. This section also includes other questions about receiving email from other members.

May I contact other members?

Yes, you most definitely are welcome to contact other members. Our service is free and lets you contact other members at no cost. Our dating service is entirely free.

I don’t want to receive a notification to my email address when I get new mail

You can turn off the notification email by clicking or pressing on Profile when you are logged in. Then click or press Basic Details. Scroll down to Email Notifications Settings.

I am not receiving any messages from other people

If you are a man you may not receive a lot of messages if you are not sending messages to other people. These are modern times but many woman still prefer that men make the first move. It will always be a good idea to start contacting people you have an interest in. The more people you contact the more the chances of striking up a great conversation and eventually meeting that person.

If you are a woman then it won’t be out of the ordinary to send mail to men you are interested in. These are modern times and it is not frowned upon when a woman makes the first move like in the olden days.

Always make sure that you uploaded at minimum of one photo of yourself and that your dating profile is presented as friendly, warm and inviting.

Nobody responds to my messages

People will not always respond to messages sent to them. There may be a lot of reasons for this but one of the main reasons may be that you do not have the compatible qualities that they are looking for.

Some times people will simply get so much messages that they cannot respond to all of them due to having a limited amount of time available.

There could be a million reasons for not getting a response. To increase the chances of receiving a response always make sure that your dating profile is complete and that it is a friendly, warm and inviting profile.

It is vital that you have at least one photo. Interesting photos of yourself may also attract a lot of attention and could lead to an interesting conversation starter.

Someone sent a message that offended me

Go to the profile of the member who sent you the message and click or press on Block Him or Block Her. When you blocked someone you become invisible to that person and that person cannot see your profile or contact you again.

How can I retrieve messages that I deleted from my Inbox or Outbox

At this point in time we do not have an un-delete option available. This may change in the future as we continue the development of our dating software that powers

How many people should I contact

Online dating will be primarily be a numbers game. The more people you contact the greater your chances of meeting new people will be. The more people you meet the greater your chances of meeting that someone special you are looking for.

The choice is yours to go slow and contact a few people or go fast and contact many people.